Scrubbed and Pre-qualified Annuity Leads – How We Do it

Whenever you purchase annuity leads you should ALWAYS ask the lead vendor what process they use in scrubbing their leads.

Here is how we scrub and pre-quality our annuity leads. It takes work and staff working 7 days a week, but our advisors love us because of this.

Annuity Lead quality is a function of 4 main components:

1. The message being used in the ads

2. The Offer being made to consumers

3. The action consumers have to make (the process leads go through)

4. The scrubbing process used to disqualify leads (percentage of valid leads that are tossed)

The scrubbing process is crucial to creating a high-quality annuity lead. Our radio and TV annuity leads are scrubbed differently from our online leads so we will break each down individually.

Here is the process we use in creating and scrubbing our radio, tv, and direct mail annuity leads.

1st – The consumer hears our radio commercial, watches our TV commercial, or receives our direct mail piece.

2nd – The consumer speaks with our call center which answers the phone as “Annuity Resources”. Calls range from 5-10 minutes usually.

3rd – The call center asks the caller 11 qualifying questions and is told an annuity specialist will contact them.

4th – One of our employees in our quality control department listens to the call. We do this to independently audit the call center and to take notes to improve the lead details.

5th – We perform an agent/advisor search on the leads. This scrubs any agents or advisors who lie to the call center about working in the industry.

6th – A separate internal employee reviews the lead information to make sure everything looks good.

7th – Our software processes the lead based on the zip code. Our client who receives the lead details will receive both an email and a text message on their cell phone.

We spent over 30 minutes of labor on every lead before its sold. 2 internal employees plus our call center agent are also involved in helping deliver a quality lead.

        Around 50% of the calls our call center takes do not become a sellable lead. This is due to the leads being over age 85, not wanting to answer our 11 questions or refusing to allow an annuity specialist to contact them.

How we scrub our online annuity leads 

We spent 15-30 minutes scrubbing each of our online annuity leads before they are delivered to our clients. Our experience shows that 35-40% of online leads that are generated are bad. Our system helps detect these leads and scrub them before being delivered to our clients.

Our goal is to identify the bad leads (35-40%) immediately so they don’t waste your valuable time. After all, someone has to do this work and since we are proving a service we feel it should be us.

Here is a summary of what we do to scrub our online leads

1st – Leads are completing a 10 question online form when becoming a lead online.          Most of our competitors only ask 3-6 questions. We ask because this helps us to create a more qualified lead.

2nd – We call the phone number of the lead to make sure the number is not disconnected. We listen to the name on the voice mail and verify the number is not disconnected.

3rd – We put the lead data through a business database we subscribe to.  We compare the name on the lead form to the name we find at the address of the lead. Ex. does the name on the lead match the name at the person’s home address?  If not, we phone verify the lead.

4th – We look at the IP address for the lead. Was it entered in the same area as the lead? If the browser is in Arizona but the lead is in New York this might be an issue.

5th – We scrub the lead to make sure they are not agents or advisors. If the lead is married we also scrub their spouses’ names (maiden and married) since the lead could supply their spouse to the form. We visit the department of insurance, FINRA, SEC-IARD, linked in, and 10 other steps to make sure we don’t sell you an advisor/agent.

6th – We look at the email address. If anything is fishy we phone verify the lead.

7th – Our software delivers the lead based on the zip code.

To learn more about our annuity lead program make sure to visit our common questions page and listen to the 40+ Audio testimonials at the top of the page.