Here is what our clients have to say.


My name is Belinda. I have to say Scott’s annuity leads are hands down the best annuity lead system I have used. Off the first 12 leads I had 5 appointments and closed over a $1,000,000 in premium and I am still working with 2 of the leads. Hands down this is the best annuity lead system I have worked with. I tend to be really nice on the phone and have found the leads want to speak with someone and have money. If you are looking to add a annuity lead system this is the best one I have found.

Belinda Royer

We received our first lead on Feb 17th and submitted and on May 2nd submitted $845,000 of annuity premium for $41,000 in revenue. It is by luck I found Scott and his annuity leads. I quickly determined that his annuity scrubbing process is very good. It was probably just luck we closed a $845,000 annuity case on the first lead. To this point we have received 11 leads and we have 2 more probably sales ($200,000 and $300,000) in the first batch. The lead program is easy, profitable and fun. These are very qualified annuity leads and if approached correctly can be very profitable.

Tommy Bernard

I have been working with Scott Brooks since Fed 2014. Like many other advisors I have used many companies who promise to help get you in front of more prospects and had little to no results from them. Since working with Scott I have invested close to $11,000 in lead and produced around $3,000,000 in premium(in 11 months).  I have never seen the quality of leads he is able to generate. I am getting close to a 50% appointment ratio from Scott’s annuity leads. I have found Scott’s online leads to be the same quality as his TV leads. We are closing 30-40% of Scott’s leads and I credit this to the system Scott has in place to scrub and quality his leads. 

Michael Watkins

This is Jeremy in Salt Lake City. Thanks for letting me be a part of your annuity lead program. In the two months that I have been signed up I have considerable success which is very different from my experience with other vendors. I have received 7 annuity leads and was able to book appointments on 5 of them. I feel that these leads are on the tail end of the buying cycle and ready to act. With other annuity lead programs I had to sell the leads on the concept of annuities. Just this month I wrote over $500,000 of premium on 2 leads and have enjoyed the process. That is the proof in the quality of your annuity leads.

Jeremy Wood

Hi this is Dana from South Florida. I just wanted to let everyone know about my experience working this lead program. I have tried other programs in the past but I did not like the absurd promises to the prospects. Some promising interest rates as high as 12% or 13%. I also did not like the other programs did not mention the word annuities. They were vauge. What I like about Scott’s program is that they are targeting people interested in annuities. Annuities are mentioned in the ads so there is no question we are targeting people interested in the products. Scotts leads are also scrubbed so the financial advisors and the people are not real are scrubbed out.  Overall the quality of the leads have been very high. I was very hesitant to get started because of my experiences with other program but am very glad that I did. I ended up closing one of the first few leads from Scott for $1,372,213 in an indexed annuity. To date it is the biggest annuity I have ever written. I am very appreciative of the program. Of course you won’t close every lead but I have many others in the pipeline and we are scheduled to close a few more. 

Dana Trenchfield

My name is Patrick Keenan. I have been a broker in the Chicago area for the past 33 years. I recently began working with Scott’s annuity lead program. So far I have received 9 leads and have written business for 2 new clients for a total of $800,000 in investable assets. My investment was around $1800 and I made upward of $40,000 in revenue. I have ordered all kinds of leads over the last 33 years. One of the differences is that you can actually speak to Scott directly. Scott has made it more fair to the broker than anything I have ever seen. Every time I get a call from an FMO saying they have annuity leads they are all using Scott as the lead source after I dig into it.  

Patrick Keenan

My name is Keith. I am out of Chicago, IL. I just wanted to give me thoughts. Everything Scott has ever told me from our first chat he has pulled thru and done. I have worked with several other lead companies and have not had many good experiences. With Scott I am getting each of the prospects indeed wanting information on annuities. They are wanting to talk and engage about annuities. His leads are about about as direct as can be. I have never worked this quality before. Other vendors are charging much more for inferior leads. I can not say nothing but good things about his leads. The average case I have sat in front of have been $1,300,000, $2,000,000. I just wrote a case for $300,000 and another for $375,000. There is a lot of managed money that I run into as well. Its a dream lead for that. The average case sizes are larger.

Keith Walisiak

I have been working with Scott since January 2016. I have dealt with a number of vendors over the years and these are the highest quality annuity leads that I have received. These annuity leads are also providing the best results which is the bottom line. The average premium is just over $300,000 each and have 6-7 cases where the premium is $500,000 or more. I find the program cost effective and easy to use. Initially I was struggling a bit on how to approach the leads but Scott helped quite a bit. His annuity leads are better other vendors, more cost effective and much higher quality. I am a believer, tickled to death and believe his annuity leads are the real deal. Don’t hesitate these are good folks.

John Ekdahl

When I joined you guys I was initially skeptical because of my experience with other lead sources. I am no longer skeptical of Scott’s annuity leads. I have 60 leads so far and only had 1 person that did not want to hear from me. Just recently the last 5 leads have been really solid. Two of the cases closed $25,000 in commission EACH. That was a great week. I am excited about your leads and have referred you to two guys in my office. I feel you have a very fair and efficient process.

Dan Blair

I have been using Scott Brooks leads for a year and a half. Have been very impressed with the quality, accuracy and the interest for the leads. I have used several other companies and they were either double the cost of Scott’s or the amount of leads would not be sufficient. All in all, Scott’s annuity leads are the most consistent, cost effective and highest quality of all of the lead companies I have used. We are closing around 20% of the leads which a little over industry average.

Josh Brown

We wanted to send a quick note this morning thanking you for your partnership. So far we have purchased approximately 15 annuity leads. Of those 15 leads we have closed two cases for a total of $1,150,000 in new annuity premium. This includes another $200,000 in alternative investments and over $50,000 in revenue for our firm. Having used Advisorworld, ABCLeads, AnnuityFYI and others…..I can say that you firm has added more value than the others. For that Thank You!  Josh Tschirgi    Letter received February 26, 2018.   Proof of Letter

Josh Tschirgi

These annuity leads from Scott have been much higher quality than what I have seen in the past. We have worked together for over a year. I have not reached all the annuity leads but the ones I am talking with are much higher quality and have large amounts to invest. One annuity case was a $7 million dollar deal of which I closed $2.5 million. Just last week we closed a deal after 20 minutes. The annuity leads are very receptive and serious. Next week we are working another lead worth $5 million. Scott’s leads are serious about doing something, have large dollar figures and are the type of people who would not goto a seminar. Working with Scott and has team has been very good. I would highly recommend the program to anyone looking to grow their business.

Mark Smith

I started with Scott’s annuity lead program in Sept 2016. I was skeptical because of the stories I heard from other lead programs. I decided to try Scott’s lead program because of his scrubbing process and testimonials he had received. I listened and reviewed all of his recommendations including overnighting an introductory package. The lead I closed was impressed with my FedEX overnight package. Thats proof to me that Scott’s advice was excellent to spend a little bit of money and overnight information when working the leads. To say I am happy with Scott’s program is an understatement. I am really looking forward to 2017 because of Scott’s help. If you are sitting on the fence you are wasting a great opportunity.

Dan G

What I like most about Scott’s lead program is the amount of detailed information about the prospect and also the annuity rate sheet. I mail out a letter with some information and introduce myself. Generally I am able to reach 80% of the leads on the phone or email in the first 3 days. Our of the first 24 leads one was a bad lead with a wrong number and address which I received credit for.  Out of 23 leads I closed 5 and am still working on one more. 6 sales out of 23 leads. I have tried several other programs which failed miserably.  Scott Brooks is the best I have found and I highly recommend him. 

Charles Klumpp

This is Ray. I work in FL and MI. I have received 15 annuity leads and have written 4 applications. 3 Annuities totaling $380,000 in premium and one life insurance policy with $3,000 in target premium. This is by far the best lead program I have used over the years. Every lead is expecting my call and is familiar with why I am calling. I could not be happier.

Ray Mackmin

I would highly recommend your lead program to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. The thing I like about your annuity leads is they are phone verified. I have tried other programs but the results have been nowhere near as good as with your company. I have received the very best results from your company. When I make the call I know they want to speak with me. The results have been good. I just wrote a large premium close to $1,000,000, another close to $500,000 and another with a $30,000 commission. These were different people. With your leads some will meet right away and some will take longer. Bottom line the results have been fantastic. I love the leads and wish I could get 2-3-4X more every month.

Michael R

This is Dave. I have been in the business for 30 years. I have spent thousands on annuity leads with very little success. I gave Scott a shot. Of the first 10 leads I have contacted 4 and am working with 3. I wrote 1 case for $500,000 in annuity premium. The other 2 leads I am working on are between $250,000 and $500,000. I am extremely pleased and highly recommend it. The system works.

Dave Faust

Within 8 months of working with Scott I had more than DOUBLED my income by working with Scott. I have always been in 6 figures but had wanted to increase my income. I have found Scott’s leads to be excellent. The leads are really serious about a retirement vehicle. I have worked with other companies but were very disappointed.  I find Scott very trustworthy and credible and the best leads I have used.

Kate Powers

I have purchased all kinds of leads, including other vendors from radio, TV, and other sources. The quality from my other sources are just not very good compared to what I get from Scott Brooks.  Example. I got a lead ten days ago and wrote for over $500,000 on the first appointment. I have also written a $350,000 case. There is no magic bullet, but if you are looking for good leads, Scott’s leads will talk to you, and you can book appointments with them.  Most of the time, they do have money.  I do not know what else you can ask for. They are the best annuity leads I have ever purchased.

Gary P

My partners and I have worked with Scott & Bryan for several months. We have had very good luck with the quality and consistency of the annuity leads. They have been really responsive in helping us and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality annuity leads. There is no question when you call the leads they really do want to talk to you. We have used other organizations in the past and they have not even come close to the caliber of what we find here.

Tim Syrell

I want to thank Scott and his team for their transparency up front as there is no hidden games with the leads. The leads are consumers who are looking for safety and some type of guarantee. The leads are great and we have picked up some really nice clients on our assets under management and on the fixed annuity side as well. Just like any lead you have to call them, work them and follow up…but Scott has a great program even for that. Some of my best clients have come from Scott’s program and I recommend you give it a try and use his services. 

Brian Bowen

I received my first lead earlier this year and wrote a $100,000 case on the first lead. The lead might add another $100,000 when I deliver the policy. I love working with Scott and Bryan. Both have been very helpful to me. Give them a try. I think you will like them.

Larry Thornton

My name is Delaney Murphy.  My TX based agency specializes on retirement planning with an emphasis on annuities. I just met Scott a month ago but our very first annuity lead was converted into a $500,000 sale in just 2 weeks.To date, the stated investment amounts are well over $3,000,000 on 16 leads and I average over a 20% close ratio. The cost, quality and consistency are far superior to any other company I have worked with.

Delaney Murphy

I have been working with Scott Brooks for the last 3 months….but worked with Scott for a year and a half a few years ago under Scott’s old program. We have found Scott to be honest, ethical and have written business from his annuity leads. We get 10-15X ROI from every dollar we spend on his annuity leads. Most of the annuity leads are willing to have a phone conversation and are able to book appointments. We have found the annuity leads to be of high quality.

Michael Allison

My name is Mark Goldstein. I run an insurance marketing organization. Before I ever make a professional recommendation to any of my associates I want to experience the product or service. Scott Brooks came to me so highly recommended to the extent I was initially skeptical that his leads could live up the their reputation. The very first lead netted me an $11,000 commission. I am way way beyond pleased with the value that Scott brings to the table. I am amazed that he has been able to produce such high quality radio generated leads and to do it at such an affordable price tag. Scott has truly mastered the art of marketing.

Mark Goldstein

This is George. I have been in the business a few decades and have tried many lead sources. From 22 leads with Scott I have $950,000 in assets from one client and there are two other strong leads with 7 figure potential. Out of the 22 leads there were only a few that did not answer the phone. Everything I have done in the past has sucked. Every other lead company I have worked with has sucked and sent me illegitimate leads. Scott is ethical, responsive and totally legit. I think this annuity lead program is great.

George A

I just started Scott’s annuity lead program. The 4th lead results in a $120,000 annuity sale. I have found a non-invasive sales process is best on these leads on the first appointment. I am pleased with the results. 1/4 or 1/5 with 2 appointments could have been better. Overall I am pleased with the annuity lead and looking forward to continuing.

Sid Harper

Hi Scott. The quality and interested dollar amounts are anywhere from $200,000 to $750,000 for us. We look forward to hearing from you more often. I am looking forward to these materializing.

Jack Kennebeck

I have been working with Scott Brooks. Out of all of Scott’s leads I end up meeting with around 50% of the leads he generates for me. The process of working with Scott and his company. The professional filtering far exceeds anything I have experienced with other companies. I am able to custom the areas we generate leads from. I have never had any company able to provide me such high quality leads. To meet 50% of the leads is incredible. I have closed a good amount of business. Around 25% are closed. Scott’s leads are serious with real assets and I would recommend your company to anyone in the industry.

John M

I am so enthused about your new program. The new program is vastly superior. One of you first 3 leads I have a $500,000 case we should be writing. I have done a number of lead programs in the past. Nothing compares to your current program. Kudos to you.

Tom S in MN

Your new program does not get as many leads as we did from the old program. The first annuity lead you gave me 6 weeks ago has become a very good client. We are going to move $200,000 and have another $285,000 coming in. I have found very quickly that your new program is much improved over the old. Overall I am very pleased.

Peter Morse

I have been working with Scott for the past 3-4 months purchasing leads from him. So far I have purchased 12 leads from Scott and have converted 2 of the leads into clients. I am working on 2 other large cases one of which has $400K he is looking to invest into an annuity. The types of leads Scott provided are better than the leads I am receiving from my other lead sources

Marc Mercurio Louisville, KY

Hi Scott. This is Todd Krantz from Grand Rapids, MI. We have used your lead service for a few months. Total to date we have received 19 leads in and closed 3 pieces of business. We are still working with around 10 of the others with a few more coming on board as well. Total commissions of $18,000 from the 3 sales we have received. I have been in the business for 15 years now….We have used many lead sources from internet, direct mail, and tons of stuff. Your leads by far surpass anything else we have ever done. Presently we are going to be using solely your lead service based on the quality and service we have received.

Todd KrantzGrand Rapids, MI

I beside myself happy with Scott’s service. No other lead vendor has provided me with the recording of the actual lead. Listening to the call gives me so much insight into who they are, what they are and what they need. In fact, This is Feb 9th. On Saturday I had a call back from a Doctor who rescheduled a surgery to finish my conversation with him regarding annuities. I can not say enough about Scott. He has been helpful every time I has asked and I am extremely happy to recommend Scott and his services. I have tried many lead programs and none of them have worked to the degree this one has.

Tom BeinarSan Francisco, CA

I am leaving you this testimonial to let you know how unbelievably happy I am with your company. I learned about you guys by responding to one of your radio ads in my area. I called in to check out my competition and learn what I am up against. I received a letter and was so jacked that you guys knew I was a financial advisor…which blew me away. Needless to say I have gotten 7 leads already. One lead has already closed….one is about to close. The lead that closed I sold a $100k annuity to, $4500 premium long term care policy AND a $20,000 premium IUL all of that one awesome lead. I was very skeptical as I have been in these lead programs before and received ZERO return on them. You guys are the only company I use now for leads. I put a lot of faith in you guys…keep up the good word. If anyone of your advisors want to call me…I don’t mind as long as they are not in my area.

Frank RossetiiSenior Legacy Financial

“I’ve tried many other lead programs in the past 18 years. I am expecting to make between $20,000 and $30,000 in revenue on the first 4 leads with Scott. I have been pleased with the service and would encourage other advisors who are on the fence to sign up because Scott’s program is by far the highest quality of any lead program I have participated in.

David DriggersAtlanta, GA

“I just closed a case on the first 4 leads with $600,000 in new assets. Total commission $12,000 and $4000 in new annual fees.

Dan PyleMcPherson, KS

My name is Wayne Miller. I have been buying radio and internet leads for the past 4 years or so. By far we have had the most success converting the leads from Scott into actual contracts. These are some of the highest quality leads in the industry. I would recommend this program to anyone. Its definitely worth the return on investment. The cost is minimal. The access to the website has been great for pulling reports. We will keep using Scott to expand our business….It works guaranteed.

Wayne MillerIndianapolis, IN

If you have any doubt go with it…..Scott will do what he says and you will get in front of people which we all want to do.

Knox HughesNorth Carolina

I have been buying leads from Scott the last 3-4 months. Out of the first 12 leads I have sold 2 already and am working with 2 more. The leads have been higher quality than the other 2 sources I have purchased leads from in the past.

Mark Mercurio