Frequently Asked Questions About Working Our Annuity Leads

There are many ways to work annuity leads successfully. This FAQ is designed to give you a quick summary of best practices for you to follow. We have a 65 minute video training titled “How Top Producers Work High Quality Leads” which we recommend all of our clients watch.

The difference between someone converting 1/5 and 1/20 is usually the process they use following up. You can request this video on our site.

1. Should I leave a voice mail if the lead does not answer?

We do not believe you should leave a voice mail until 2-3 days have passed. We suggest clients call multiple times from different numbers. Our radio/tv leads are easier to get on the phone mainly because the people are less likely to screen their calls.

Several of our clients have been able to reach 90% of the leads on the phone. You have a 35-40% chance of the leads answering on the first dial. To reach the other 45% you need to keep calling.

2. Should I call the lead and immediately try to book the appointment?

No. This is not recommended. Any time you work leads your process needs to be in sync with how the lead was created and what the leads were promised.

In our case we offer the leads a “report” which summarizes what we feel are the best annuities on the market.

The leads are told that an annuity specialist will contact them to be their single point of contact and be the one who send them the information they requested.

We recommend our clients speak to the leads first to identify their goals and objectives…..then position the “appointment” as a way to deliver the information. Ideally, you would close for the appointment after speaking to the leads for 15-20 minutes.

3. What do we do if we are not reaching enough of the annuity leads on the phone?

One technique to test is to overnight a letter with 4 articles to the leads. A client of ours in North Carolina received 18 leads in the first 32 days with us. He was able to speak to 16/18 of the leads. How did he do it?

He has one of assistants prepare an overnight package to send to the leads.

The overnight package consisted of 5 items
Two page Introduction letter
Two educational articles on annuities
Two articles to boost his credibility (think PR, news)

The package was shipped UPS overnight to the leads to build credibility and prepare
the lead for his call. He swore by this method. If you are having trouble booking appointments or getting the leads on the phone you should test this method.

4. How should we gauge our success or failure with your annuity leads?

You should track these 3 key metrics when working our annuity leads.
1. How many of the leads do you speak with?
2. What percentage of the leads do you book appointments with?
3. What percentage of the appointments do you convert.

By looking at these numbers you will be able to determine where your problem

If you are speaking to less than 50% of our leads or your appointment ratio is less than 30% you should consider modifying your approach.


5. What are some real life examples from guys who struggle?

Case Study #1 Ohio Agent/Advisor

One of our clients in Ohio received 10 annuity leads from us and
called asking for help. He was able to speak to 9 of the leads but only booked
one appointment. He was probably going to do business with the 1 person he booked an appointment with.

We suggested he watch our video on working leads and learn how to better structure his calls.
In his case his issue was his phone script/process. His approach was not booking appointments.
Slight changes to your approach can results in major improvements. One of our clients in KY improved his appointment ratio from 10% to 60% just be changing his process.

Case Study #2 Pennsylvania Agent/Advisor

One of our clients in PA in 2014 received 30 leads from us and was able to go on 8
appointments. Each of the appointments had $$ and they were all interested in annuities.

He closed none of them. Why? We don’t know for sure but his sales approach was probably off.

In his case his issue was #3 – converting appointments to clients. This is a rather unusual as most of our clients do well once they are able to meet face to face.

6. What are some case studies from clients who do well?

We have dozens of clients who are writing $2-5 million per year from our leads alone.
Click on the testimonials link above and listen to our 20 audio testimonials.

7. How do your top clients work the leads?

Our top clients have better phone skills than others? Why? They have MORE leads coming in and thus have more experience.

Top guys typically follow a structured process when they speak to leads. They do NOT call and “wing it”. This approach rarely works well.

8. How do you suggest we structure our calls for the annuity leads?

Part I – The introduction – This is where you introduce who you are and why you are calling.

Part 2 – Credibility – This is where you build trust and credibility with the lead.

Part 3 – Reasons Why – This is where you explain why you need to ask additional questions.

Part 4 – Questions – This where you ask a series of questions to the lead to determine what they want to accomplish.

Part 5 – The Close – This is where you book the appointment.


Who You Are
Explain how you got their info
Why You Are Calling
Catching them at a bad time?

Establish Credibility

Numbers of Experience in Business
Members of BBB or Chamber?
# of Clients or AUM?
Key Designations
Connection to community

Reasons why you need to ask more questions

“Mr. Jones. There are over 2,000 annuities available today. We don’t want to waste your time and send you information on annuities that is not relevant to your situation or goals. To help save you time we have put together a few questions to help us send you the most relevant information.

It should only take a few minutes. Fair enough?

Some questions to ask

1. What made you respond to the commercial?
2. Do you have any questions or concerns that you would like addressed in the material we send?
3. Do you know what type of annuity you want to buy?
4. Are you looking at any products now?
5. It appears you already own an annuity? Ask what they like/dislike about it. Want to buy another like it? or different?
6. What is the most important goal you are hoping to accomplish at this point?
7. Are you from ________?

** Make sure to focus on their goals and objectives. After all, what THEY want to accomplish is important.

The Close

There are three main reasons why consumers would not want to book an appointment with you.

1. They do not want to be sold products on the first meeting.
2. They do not want the meeting to take a long time
3. They do not know anything about you.

One of our clients was booking a 70% appointment ratio by covering his “3-step meeting process with clients when booking an appointment.

Watch our video on working annuity leads for more information. How you structure your call and position the appointment will likely determine if you succeed or fail.

9. What is the difference between selling annuities via seminars vs annuity leads?

Seminar producers sometimes fail when they enter our program. Why? They treat our leads like someone that sat thru their hour long seminar. This won’t work as selling in person is different than selling over the phone.

When someone attends a seminar they are usually wanting to attend an event that has nothing to do with annuities (social security, retirement planning, etc). They meet the advisor holding the event and get to feel the person out. Seminar attendees either want general education or a free meal. Product is rarely mentioned on the invitation or at the event.

Our leads are interested specifically in annuities. There are many reasons for this. They might have a annuity coming due. They might want to explore them for various reasons.

With our leads they are specifically interested in annuities but they know nothing about the advisor/agent who calls them. Its the polar opposite from a seminar where a seminar attendee has general interest but could hate annuities.

Agents and advisors who do well are able to build rapport and book the appointment with the person who is already interested in the products.

Its very difficult to change someone’s mind. The convincing business is not a fun one to be in.

This is why many people love our program….because our annuity leads are already interested in annuities with our transparent front door approach. If approached the right way, you should have a high ROI for the time you invest working the leads.

A client of ours in Southern California said “Scott when I did seminars we would get 25-35 buying units to attend but only 3-4 were good candidates and wanted annuities. Your leads are like those 3-4 people.”