About Our Annuity Lead Business

We began selling annuity leads to financial advisors and insurance agencies in March 2010. Since then over 2,600 firms have purchased annuity leads from our organization.

Scott is the founder and works with key clients, marketers @ FMO’s and media partners. His brother Bryan helps him run the business and works to support our existing clients.

There are 3 other staff members who work on processing annuity leads behind the scenes. They are the ones who audit 100% of our calls at the call center and scrub our online leads. We spend 25-30 minutes scrubbing every lead before its sold. Our call center is based in the USA and usually have 300-400 people on the phone.

Scott is available each Friday to chat with clients who need help working our annuity leads. Make sure to watch our video titled “How Top Producers Work High Quality Leads” , “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Financial Advisors & Insurance Agents Make Working Annuity Leads” and “9 Case Studies from The Trenches – What Does and Does Not Work”

Scott Brooks, MBA, CFP®

Scott spent 9 years as a retail advisor working for Edward Jones, a bank broker-dealer and Fidelity where he specialized in the 401(k)rollover market. Scott started www.rollovercoach.com in 2007 where he trained over 6,000 advisors to help increase their 401(k) rollover business.

In March of 2010 Scott began creating 401k rollover leads for the industry. He shifted to creating annuity leads in 2011. Over 2,600 financial advisory firms and insurance agencies have purchased 401(k) rollover and annuity leads from Scott since be began in 2010. More than 30 FMO’s and several direct competitors have also purchased leads from Scott’s team.

Scott is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ having completed the program in 2005. He is a graduate of the University of Texas @ Austin where he studied finance. He also completed an MBA program in 2004 from the University of Dallas where he specialized in financial services.

Bryan Brooks

Bryan began working with Scott in March 2014 and has overseen all aspects of our business. Bryan holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Houston. After college Bryan held various IT related jobs for 13 years in the Oil & Gas industry.